Mayor of Krahule with partners from municipalities and micro Kremnica surroundings and local businesses agreed to create a cluster that will bring together players in the tourism sector at the regional level . His role will be to develop a systematic platform for activation and the availability of funds and the possibility that further intensive development of tourism in the region .

The most important objectives in the development of tourism in different parts of the region :

City Kremnica – Advisory Body of the city ‘s tourism commission tourism development , entrepreneurship and safety of the city . Commission at the last meeting proposed to develop a Tourism Development in Kremnici . Kremnica town became a member OOCR Turiec Kremnický and activities within the promotion and building of infrastructure addressed at this level .

Priority development of tourism in the city for the coming period :

- Cooperation with tourism entrepreneurs in the form of the above , but also to

local level – the city is a member of an association of undertakings Kremnica – region

- To offer products – packages , not just individual services , but tailored

produced products ,

- Increase the number of overnight stays and packages offered through services

ensure more days stay in the city ,

- Focus on the experience of staying in the city :

- Medieval evening in the cellars town house ,

- Walk- theater – dating tourist town with a history

non-traditional way .

- Remove pronounced seasonality of tourism and create attractive activities for

tourists during the Spring and Autumn ,

- Completion of the Centre CR Skalka

- Create a new progressive information system

- Build new lighting Centre

- Install small architecture elements such as benches , bins , etc. .

- Its conceptual adjustments trails and the possibilities of financing.


Village Kunešov – the most important objectives for tourism development :

- Designation and maintenance of ski trails ,

- Update and clean up the tourist trail Kunešov – Handlova,

- The use of scent sheds for the needs of tourism .


Village Nevoľné – the most important objectives for tourism development :

- Opening of the museum with the memorial room Mons . Rudolf Balaz,

the village for visitors to combine things associated with his person :

- Expose the memorial room of his personal belongings and bring his life ,

- Roman Catholic Church , whose status is deserved,

- Grave Mons . Rudolf Balaz place at the cemetery , which is one of the few

Bishops buried in his native village.


Village Kopernica – the most important objectives for tourism development :

- Get inhabitants of business in their own family homes to tourists

from Slovakia or abroad / former natives of Kopernica , or

descendants / ,

- Establish and embed information boards in the village of tourist opportunities and

its surrounding attractions ,

- Create a website Kopernica village and promote the historical and

natural conditions of the village in order to attract hoc and overnight tourists to the village .


Village Bartošova Lehôtka – the most important objectives for tourism development :

- Replace the thatched roof folk house , which is preserved as a cultural

Memory of this type in our village included in the national list KP SR .


Village Pitelová – the most important objectives for tourism development :

- Indicate local roads located in the municipality ie boundaries and

rural area in better condition to be feasible and accessible only to pedestrians

but also cyclists ,

- In the district to erect billboards informing not only the history of the village

But as well as local sites and attractions ,

- Supporting and promoting existing agri-tourism in the town such as horse breeding ,

- Supporting and promoting private entrepreneurs who already provide accommodation


- Support for building private accommodation,

- Support for self-employed farmers in animal husbandry

( sheep and goats) associated with the production and sale of their products .


Municipality Trnava Hora – the most important objectives for tourism development :

- Support for business activities and build local associations in tourism ,

- Creating an effective promotion of community and disseminate information about

gifts, he region

- The use of an attractive environment for the development of rural traditions and rural tourism


- To create better conditions for building routes around the village ,

- Maintain and enhance trails (regional , subregional )

- Involve the general public and business associations in the field of tourism .


Old Village Kremnička – the most important objectives of tourism development :

- Extended and improved traditional Events organized in the village – including authentic battle

II . World War II ,

- Preparation and creation of new hiking trails around the village with beautiful

views of the surroundings,

- Organization of tourist outputs of the surrounding hills for tourists from the region ,

- Organization of the traditional competition in cooking stew.


Village Jastrabá – the most important objectives for tourism development :

- Build the trail in the complex nature monument – Stone Sea .