Dolná Ves

Schwabendorf original name of the village comes from the 1429th Situated on the border of the archbishopric of Esztergom and royal-it Kremnica has ordained it as a gateway to the golden city. The settlers had previously lived mainly work in Kremnicke mines and later the railways.

Entitled Cockroach mentioned when visiting Francis of Lorraine, husband of Maria Theresa, who in June 1751 visited Kremnica.

In 1852 the Bartošová Lehôtka and cockroaches greeted residents of nearby villages and Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I. on the way to Kremnice.

The most important cultural monument in the village is the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of classical early 19th century.

From the village leading to nearby mountains forest roads, which are an attraction for tourists and cyclists. Highlights Directions to durov rock the forest pond Freedom and upper Klap.