Horná Ves

The first written mention of the village of Upper Ves with aqueous po- titled Vindisdorf is from 1429 , when the king Sigismund of Luxembourg city Kremnica to advance four surrounding villages . Residents were always miners and the whole history of the village is closely linked to gold mining in Kremnica .

The history of the village , however, goes much deeper into the past. Certovo at the foot of the hill were found two bronze swords Liptovsky type of Lusatian culture period of 10 to 9 century BC . The oldest institution in the town ‘s school building is in 1835.

In the center of the village stands a Baroque plague column with a statue of the Holy Trinity in 1710. Originally it was in Kremnici which he donated in 1776 Upper Ves.

To the Devil Hill are still remnants of mining activities in the form of surface mining pits .

At the top end of the village is located the mouth Deep drainage adit , which was coined in the years 1519 – 1613 and has a length of 7,050 meters. Oozed from the table ocher water . Let the sedimentation in the settling tanks and dry . Factory color Strobentzovcov her brothers treated and sold as ocher dye chemical plant in Hungary . The village is situated in a picturesque valley . From the east it protects Birch Hill and west of Devil’s Peak. From the village keep tempting marked hiking trails in the area .