Hronská Dúbrava

The village is located in the southern part Kremnicke vr – breeding. The first written mention of the settlement called Besserech is from the 1388th Residents lived as charcoal burners , woodcutters , carters and Raftmen .

Settlers survived hard times in the summer of 1621 , when they met troops Gabriela BETL – on in the battle of Jalna with the imperial army . Settlers fear of the ravages of the soldiers prefer to emigrate to higher safe – rious places . Thus arose the hill and the upper part of the Hron Dúbravy .

In the 19th century village settled in the rail. In the years 1865 – 1872 was build from the train station to the Hron Dúbravy Vrútky . A year later opened a narrow-gauge railway from Hron Dúbravy to Banska Stiavnica . Under socialism, it called Route youth reconstructed . It has become very popular and very little train nicknamed ” Annie ” . Every year in the spring season opens traditional users.

From the village trail leads into the State Nature Reserve Hips . Amid the route is the non- budnuteľná Devil ‘s Rock. Boulder -shaped potato with a capacity of up to 5 cubic meters of standing on a stone base , with which it is connected tiny space . The latest researches found that should cost at least another 200 years.

Hron River is a popular resort built Boating used for summer river rafting .

Cottage – Dúbrava 105, in the center of the village for 12 people, Kyska Travel