The first written mention of the village called Graach is from the 1388th It is situated in the beautiful natural environment . In the valley above the village was created by volcanic activity lake , on whose shores to create a friendly environment .

The younger Stone Age was moved here prehistoric people , as evidenced by local findings chipped stone tools . Today, however, this lake no longer exists .

On the southern outskirts of the village is located Ihráčske sea stone , which in 1993 was declared a natural monument. It is a remnant of the natural channel of lava from the volcano . After solidification originated department , which is now falling apart on large boulders .

Above the village in the valley of the White creek is a remarkable rock formation Prieboj – Iron Gate . Stream for millions of years threshing narrow canyon through which leads the way . Above it off Chomy natural area , which is among the tourists from around very popular .

In the valley about 4 km of the village is degrading water reservoir with a large children’s camp . In the summer, many people come here for the children – breath and spend a vacation .

Recreational facilities Pond – Ihráč – Sawmill, Tel. : 045/6726174