The first written mention Kopernica with the original name Deutsche Litta is attested from 1349. Since 1776 the village belonged to the bishopric of Banska Bystrica .

The most important monuments in the village is the Roman Catholic Church. Martin, who was originally after a fused – 1349 in baroque style. The church is located next cultural monument , a statue of the Madonna from the early 15th century .

In the 16th century the village belonged among the most important in the region . Even had its own water mill and later in the village abounded production of millstones .

Forests above the village are the result of intensive mining activity still interwoven with a dense network of roads and paths . To the south of the village is surrounded by forests off cliffs Top Klapa . It serves as a natural lookout , which has become the most popular place Kremnicke .

Surrounding forests hide the true treasures of nature . To say the least we can talk about the mushroom paradise . Forest crops such as strawberries , raspberries and blackberries are at every turn. It is not rare to see deer and deer . At night here sometimes get lost even bears and wolves .