Kremnica was the center of architectural activity . Dominating Main Square is the town hall . The first written record comes from the 1441st The floor is properly Hall with large images Géza Angyal . The original town hall was part of the castle fortifications .

On Štefánik square no. 14 is Bell’s house dated from the 15th century . Named by composer John evoslavovi Bell, who was in the years 1869 – 1881 urban bandleader . Since 2006 a permanent exhibition of the Museum of Kitsch .

No townhouse . 4 , also known for its beautiful diamond vault belonged to wealthy people who had a charming wife . It is said , however, that was a great womanizer and a lifetime his beautiful wife cheated . The town is dominated Church. Catherine of 13 century . On the south wall of the church tower sits metal cat . The most talked Fricko Gajer , a local monument , this story : When the townspeople become rich , began to riot and throw money . Then the angry Kremnický

Monastery with church and Loretto Chapel was built in 1660. Its construction was from the beginning a very stormy . The validity of the ownership of the land on which it stands , he decided to – end provincial parliament .

Church. Elizabeth and medieval hospital for miners built in 1382 on alms . King Louis the Great gave the church a settlement Pinwheel , which had to pay 8 gold per year to support špitála .

Protestant church and rectory were built in 1826 in place of a wooden church from 1688 that stood behind the walls . Calvary is reconstructed Church of the Holy Cross .

In the center is an object of the mint , founded by Charles Robert of Anjou in the 1328th The high quality of the local coins made ​​of gold florins and took silver pennies as currency throughout Europe .

In 1890 founded city archivist Paul Križko Museum. Initially it was placed all the items from the city’s history . Since 1976 , the museum changed the Museum of coins and medals , which is unique for the whole of Slovakia . Stored there money from its inception to the present .

Baroque fountain in the square is also the Stanetiho workshop . Initially at its center stood a statue of Neptune , but under the influence of rainfall gradually disintegrated .

Zechenterova garden in the city center is a popular place to relax . It also grows in the magnificent protected oak , whose age is estimated at 350 years .

Local Catherine thermal pool with water at 27-38 ° C is a popular summer attraction not only for Kremničan , but also visitors from other regions .

Kremnica became known as its rich cultural life . The European Organ Festival Kremnica Castle Organ Organ became the center of art in Slovakia and has won a name throughout the music world. It takes place every year in summer in St. . Catherine in the town castle . The church installed a modern concert organ with 3,500 whistles and with 46 registers .

House Comorian Count on Kollárova street . 541 is famous for its diamond vault under which organizes concerts Slovak violin virtuoso Peter Michalica .

The alley of famous noses was established in 2004. Organizer of the festival Kremnicke gags reveal every year face lifted Czechoslovakian artist who during his life to bring joy and humor .

European three-day festival of humor and be – titers were held at the end of August On 13 stages in acts of about 300 actors and comedians from all over Europe . Entertainment are several thousand domestic and foreign audiences , with tourists and families with children .

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