Kremnické Bane

The village was founded by German colonists as a mining settlement . The first written mention of the village comes from the 1361st The whole neighborhood is over – sown mining works suggestive of extensive mining operations in the Middle Ages .

Above the village is preserved Church. John the Baptist from 1300 , built on the site of the original German Romanesque chapel .

This site is not particularly famous by being identified as geographers cal center of Europe . There is a monument built rock with emblem center of Europe.

The village has preserved Pseudo Roman Catholic Church of 19 century , which are regularly worship .

The most important mining works include the remains of the aqueduct in 15 Turčekovského century, which played a key role in developing the region and one of the major technical monuments in the world . In the village it
maintain the dam , which still serves as a water reservoir , supplying water cascade underground stations in Kremnici .

The village has preserved the original wooden country cottages from the 18th century , which have been declared as a set of monumental zone . Residents maintain traditions of the past . One of them is the ignition Jánska bonfires in the summer evening before John .

Above the village off the rocky peak , locals nazývaný rock from which the unforgettable view of the hills and Kremnicke directly to Kremnice .