Charter establishing the village Villa Sancti Michaelis is from 1342. In 1429 it gave King Sigismund of Luxembourg city Kremnica in advance. Early 17th century the village had more than 1,200 German-speaking population.

Unfortunate for the community was the year 1628 when it attacked the Turks, and many residents dragged into slavery.

The most important monuments include the Roman Catholic Church. Michal from 1381.

There are three chapels, which are home very proud. For bystanders are a popular stop for rest and reflection.

The village is situated in the western part Kremnicke midst Kunešovskej plains full of meadows, trees and shrubs islets.

At the lower end of the village in one of the chapels is 400-year-old small-leaved lime with a trunk circumference of 740 cm. All residents it is highly valued because there has been growing since the time of settlement of America.