The first information about the village dates from 1571. Once ranked among the poorest in the whole county . The nearby ancient Kremnica and related Kremnicke mountains are an attraction for tourists and cyclists .

Middle area Ihráčsky stream flows , which for millions of years excavated picturesque valley branching into countless canyons . Directly below the village in the valley created a rocky canyon Prieboj .

On the origin of the village have been traditional local reputation. Long time ago there was a beautiful valley with a large lake full of fish . Around were deep forests full of game . At the lake settled two beautiful fairies that danced all day . Once rushed severe storm that broke the barrier and the lake spilled . Animals and plants have gone perished . Fairies starved and it nevládali dance . Such ubiedené they found two brothers . They took them on a sunny hill and built them a small cottage until healed . Common life with the fairies brother liked so remain there permanently . People living near to cast them out, gone , it’s not free land . Brothers , they defend , stay there and continue to live , they began to flourish. Their children began to build around the new Chalúpky and gradually established a settlement called. Its inhabitants can still protect your property and remember how their grandparents envious from around shouting that there is not free .

Chalet TJ Sokol Nevoľné – 3 km away from the village, Tel. : 045/6743050