The first written mention of the village dates back to 1264 , when it was called Kiszelw – Pechen .

Important monument in the village is the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rosary . The original chapel was rebuilt in 1778 on the baroque church .

The name of the village is linked to this rumor . The village lay in deep forests , which have been a popular place for hunting royal entourage . On these hunting wanderings helped the settlers and the rest offer hunters
water in these words : ” Drink , hunters ! ” So the settlement gained the name Pitelová .

For the period of the Turkish wars settlers suffered greatly . Turks stealing , killing and take people into slavery . Report from 1648 says : ” Everything is empty and deserted , only houses stand . ” Due to poor nutrition and unburied dead in 1709 broke out throughout the territory of the plague.

The original village lying in the valley of the site of today ‘s black earth . In the past, several times destroyed and re- planted . Finally, the majority of settlers moved higher into the mountains , where it is formed entirely new village .

Part of the village lying far away in the mountains called Kuricovci . Named after the Battle of Jalna in 1621 , in which kuruz Gabriel Bethlen defeated the imperial army . As a reward to the faithful gave Bethlen forests and land, where they settled . In this magical corner they built homes and started families .