Stará Kremnička

The area has been settled in the Great Moravian Empire . The first written mention of the village dates from the 1442nd The village bears the name derived from the occurrence of quartzite and the goal of discovering the Kremnica gold .

In 1674 the first church was built of circulation of the Apostles , who in 1888 was destroyed by fire . In its place was built a new church dedicated to St. . Imre , who still serves .

In the garden of the house no. 112 is downcast drainage adit . Hĺbili it since 1841 and is nearly 16 km long . It starts in Kremnici and flows into the river Hron iar Erling. It is still in operation and removes water from underground.

The village has always served as a toll station at an important crossroads of trade routes . Since 1253 it guards the royal castle Saxons .

On the south side of the village is interesting travertine formations Skalka , which is a natural landmark of the area and a magnet for all tourists . During World War II residents experiencing hard times . Great misfortune happened to Christmas 1944 , when the faulty train full of German soldiers tore through the Kremnice . At the station in the Old Kremnicka at full speed and crashed 30 exploding wagons rolled his downhill . Died there when 373 German soldiers and officers . During the liberation took place in the vicinity of heavy fighting in which killed 27 soldiers and guerrillas . Residents and veterans remind them every year and organized in the village martial of that period .