Paci Pac and friends

Paci Pac a kamaráti

Paci Pac and friends
… Is the name of the autumn tour of the popular couple Paci and Pac, who are reporting a brand new show, full of catchy songs, cheerful characters and beautiful scenery that will take you into the fairy world. With Mr. Trampoline you jump on the trampoline, Leo Leo teaches you that not every lion has to be just carnivorous and we will explain why Baby Milk is so healthy! Of course, all visitors can look forward to our already classic youtube hits such as Elephant, Tapes Tap, Gift or Color. Says Mário Praženec, known as PAC: We paid special attention to making our program as beautiful as possible. The new costumes are really perfect and there will be plenty to watch, but of course what to listen to, while PACI, Adriana Pešinová adds: I am extremely excited to see our fans live and innovate, especially curious about the stops in the East, during the tour, we are going to make up for it.

25.10.2019 17:00
City Cultural Center - Main Hall