Dream of St. Martin

We cordially invite you to St. Martin's Day. We look forward to your participation!


Paci Pac and friends

Paci Pac and friends … Is the name of the autumn tour of the popular couple Paci and Pac, who are reporting a brand new show, full of catchy songs, cheerful characters and beautiful scenery that will take you into the fairy world. With Mr. Trampoline you jump on the trampoline, Leo Leo teaches you [...]


KUBO Czechoslovak musical

Excellent Czechoslovak musical KUBO HONOR TO JOZEF KRONER roaring applause, laughter, standing ovation! 57 000 spectators have already looked up musical - 67 performances KUBO ROLLED PRAGUE HYBERNIA Live, energetic and entertaining performance! New musical Kubo in a modern and attractive viewer! Directed by Ivan Blahút. Original songs by Simi Martaus, music by Peter Uličný, [...]


25. Mošovský jarmok 2019

  Date: 10/04/2019 Theme: JARMOKY, MARKETS and Feast Venue: Mošovce (Slovakia - Žilina Region) Accommodation · Weather · Timetables Web: www.mosovce.sk description 25. Mošovský jarmok 2019 Organizer: Mošovce - Jarmok Mosovce - Jarmok Kollárovo námestie, 03821 Mosovce Also this year we will be pleased to see you at the traditional fair in Mošovce 4.10.2019.


On the wings of angels 2019

TIME AND PLACE OF ACTION 16/10/2019 13:00  MsKC / Main Hall SNP 119, Ziar nad Hronom 7th annual benefit concert for children and youth with physical or mental disabilities from the bulletin board. The program: COUNTRYSIDE PETER LIPA with band WITH MUSIC SPACE BALKANSAMBEL - unexpectedly fresh Balkan brass band ZUMBA WITH ALA AND MENTALLY [...]